SourceSkills online learning solutions deliver real value and quantifiable results; we target and solve pain points within your organization using modern training techniques.

Since the early nineties our teams have been refining their skills in developing targeted learning to ensure you get the solution that best suits your industry, your process, and most importantly, your team’s training needs.  Whether it’s a straightforward onboarding course for the retail industry, or a complicated compliance-driven training simulation on an automation platform for the life science industry, every request will be given the same attention to detail. We guarantee satisfaction!

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Compliance Training

With so many industries heavily regulated to ensure that consumers can live in a safer environment, SourceSkills can work with your teams to ensure that all areas of compliance are covered and adhered to within your organisation, not only from a training perspective, but also to support electronic training record tracking. We work with you to create reliable training matrix structures that not only deliver real success, but more importantly, ensure knowledge levels are constant.

New Product Training

So many organisations spend hundreds of millions in rolling out new machinery, software, and processes, and then wonder why the successes and performance improvements promised by the suppliers are never achieved, or you buy expensive solutions from vendors and wonder why their support training is way below par; it makes sense to  invest just as much time and effort into training the people that are going to operate your new solutions,  and SourceSkills is here to help. We know that vendors are great at what they do, but this doesn’t make them great trainers of their solutions. Again, SourceSkills are here to help. With our experiences, our teams knowledge, and your unique requirements, we can deliver a training solution completely tailored to your exact needs.

Knowledge Retention

The baby boomers of yesterday are tomorrow’s retiree’s. But what does this mean to your organisation? How heavily have you relied on these individuals to ensure the day to day smooth running of your plants, but how many have captured the knowledge gained by these people, where does this knowledge reside except in the heads of the people you’re about to lose? SourceSkills understands this problem, and we’re here to help, we’ve worked with many companies to capture the knowledge using various approaches and then by using the same people and their skills we refine this knowledge and create really valuable knowledge pools of blended training solutions to allow new recruits to benefit from the many years of priceless  experiences captured rather than losing it forever.

Onboard Training

When onboarding is done right it can shave months off a persons ability to get up to speed, rather than a few hand outs and basic slide deck, why not enrich the experience for the new recruits so they get a much broader understanding of your company, introduce all aspects of their new environment in a more interactive way to capture their interest and excitement right from the get-go. We at SourceSkills can call on our experiences in delivering many tailored solution to existing customers, this has allowed us to create a rich bank of knowledge on best practices in this area

Quantifiable training solutions


Custom eLearning

Future-proofing our customers training needs using modern learning methodologies, state of the art development techniques, and highly qualified development teams. Whether its simple classroom support material, complex interactive simulations, or a complete consultative blended learning framework, our team can support and deliver you’re every training need.

Mobile Learning

In a global market dictated by mobile tablets, smartphones, and bite size pieces of training, SourceSkills can take your dated training material and future-proof it to suit the new viewing mediums available. We can work with you to use this new medium to create new training experiences, quick access points for refreshing knowledge and relaying feedback instantly to support teams.


The world has become a very small place, technology has allowed multi geo-location sites to be centrally trained and controlled by centres of excellence. To support these needs SourceSkills have put together top quality in-region localization teams to help our global client to update their regional sites in real-time so that everyone is following the same set of centralised standards instantly.

Platform Testing

With a track record of providing platform testing for some of the worlds largest eLearning providers, we’ve been very lucky to always have access to the cutting edge of the eLearning industry. Using state of the art test sets, proven assessment processes, and superb test technicians, we’ll leave no stone unturned in our quest to test all aspects of our clients new content, solutions and platforms.

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Development Team

Our development teams come with a vast amount of experience gained over fifteen years of development in some of the worlds largest leaders in eLearning, being at the cutting edge of technology advancements as the eLearning industry rapidly took shape through the 90’s and 00’s and allowed our team to deliver cutting edge solutions. Ten’s of thousands of hours of content have been created to an award winning level resulting is very satisfied customers. With expert groups spanning roles of  learning management, instructional design, editorial support, simulation programming, design, and animation, we bring together the right people to do the right job, their passion shines through in the quality of the finished products that bring the learning experience of the end user to life.

Support Team

When we deliver our training solutions our journey with our partners and customers doesn’t stop there, we believe that a long term relationship is only possible if we’re close by to support all their ongoing needs. From helping new users to get set up, support any new content changes, or merely assisting training departments within our customers organisations that might be over stretched and are glad of an extra pair of hands. Our earlier teams give you a taste of the SourceSkills satisfying experience, but our Support Team are here for you forever.

Product Testing Team

Using state of the art assessment programs refined over nine years supporting some of largest players in the training market, our test engineers take a multi layered approach using all of the latest deployment platforms, operating systems, browsers etc. to ensure that the broadest possible review is done in order to replicate as many variables as we believe the end user will encounter. It’s fair to say that our teams will leave no stone unturned in their quest to identify any issues with our clients early prototypes and ensure their end products are far more robust and adhere to their highest standards of quality.

Product Testing Team

As the team members who most often engage with the customers, its important that our consultation team are great listeners. With our CEO leading the way, our consultation team will work with you to create and shape a training blueprint that will be uniquely tailored to your specific training needs, whether it’s a full blended learning solution, or early consultancy support to define the clients training framework. Our industry experts will help shape your solution.

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